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Is Immediate Smile Right For You?

Dental implants is right for patients who have lost the ability to eat comfortably, and the confidence and freedom that comes with a full set of teeth. One of the biggest worries and potential disadvantage of traditional dental implants is that there's normally a 3-month wait to allow for your new teeth to properly be fitted and healed. However, if you live in the Lansing Michigan area, Dr. Edward Liu's "Immediate smile" procedure offers a much less straining and time consuming process for getting your smile back.

The "Immediate Smile" procedure is for patients getting a dental implant who want to walk away from their implant procedure with great-looking teeth on the very same day.

Prior to Immediate Smile, patients receiving dental implants would have to wear a removable denture after their procedure for a number of months before their dental implants were ready from the dental lab that makes them.

Immediate Smile removes that wait. You walk out of the procedure with working, functional, beautiful-looking teeth on the same day, and with none of the hassles of veneers or dentures.

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Dr. Edward Liu's Approach to Immediate Smile

Dr. Liu of Lansing spoke recently about why he believes in Immediate Smile:

"My experience is that many patients were worried about getting implants because they didn't want a waiting period before they get their smile perfect. Patients want to walk out of the procedure fully 'whole' and intact, able to chew and smile with pride right away. That's the advantage of Immediate Smile."

The way Dr. Liu creates an Immediate Smile for you is by using X-Rays and sophisticated computer software to model your teeth before the procedure. With normal dental implants, the damaged tooth is removed before the implant is fully created. With Immediate Smile, the dental lab creates your new, perfect implant tooth before the procedure. When it comes time to for your appointment, you walk in knowing that you're going to walk out with a fully intact and perfect smile.

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